Express yourself! 17th – 19th January in London

In order to leave a positive impression, to convince other people of one’s opinion or to appear self-confident many factors come into play. In the context of the seminar “Express yourself”, taking place in London from 17th January until 19th January 2014, the members of the UK group of the Foundation of German Business (sdw) will meet to improve rhetorical skills that are essential in professional and everyday life.
The centrepiece of the seminar is a workshop, where – in small groups – we will work on the improvement of components of rhetoric such as voice, posture and body language in an interactive and creative way. Additionally, speakers will be invited to give valuable insights into the origins of rhetoric as well as its history. An introduction to the realm of political communication and the importance of the skills learned in the workshop for both political and public life will complete the weekend. Further highlights include visiting a Comedy Club as to see the creative application of some of the previously learned things in informal surroundings as well as a sightseeing tour to explore London.