Postnationalism 29. Nov. – 1. Dec. in Oxford

– Global Citizenship, National Identities and Implications for the Political System

The past century has seen the rise of supra-national organisations, the past decade has confronted us with globalisation at a pace we had not experienced before and yet the past year has witnessed Scotland’s nationalist claim for independence. These days we experience diametric dynamics towards global citizenship and governance on the one hand and a strengthening of the nation-state including all its values and symbols on the other. How did these diverging ideas develop? Why do people have a sense of national identity? And which concepts are worth striving for?

The UK group of the Foundation of German Business (sdw) meets in the beautiful city of Oxford from November 29th until December 1st 2013 to explore these questions. Academics, professionals and civil society actors will be invited to work together with the young fellows. After familiarisation with the concept of postnationalism, national identity will be discussed and reflected by the participants. Whether individual feelings correspond with national and international realities is to be identified in the subsequent sessions. An interactive simulation will mark the end of an engaging weekend and leaves the participants with a whole lot of thrilling ideas and debates to explore further.