Open Data 26.-28. April in Edinburgh

Even though the 21st century is comparatively young, it already turns out to be the age of digital data. Every step we make in the World Wide Web and even our everyday life is influenced by digital data, which has become the DNA of the information age. The open data movement takes up on this trend and wants to shape it in the purpose of democracy. Since digital data determines all of our life’s, every individual should be able to access, use, reuse, and redistribute it.

The UK group of the Foundation of German Business meets up in Edinburgh from the 26.-28. of April 2013 to discuss the field of open data from manifold perspectives. Representatives from business, administration and research will be invited to talk about their perception and experiences around the movement. Ewan Klein, Professor of Language Technology at the University of Edinburgh, will illustrate how the idea of open data spread through the United Kindom, whereby Sally Kerr from the City of Edinburgh Council will give a lively insight on how open data changes the relationship between administration and civic society. Ulrich Atz from the Open Data Institute in London will reveal how open data sets can foster economic growth and Mark MacGillivray, a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation, will talk about his research on open bibliography and open scholarship.

The organisation team is looking forward to welcome its guests to Edinburgh for the final seminar of this semester and would like to thank the Open Data Institute ( and the sdw Alumni e.V. ( for their kind support to make this event happen.