All the best for 2011 – upcoming seminars and events

Dear Visitors,

we all wish you all the best for the upcoming year 2011. May it be as successful and exciting as the last one.

During the yearly Kickoff – Meeting in London all the members of the SDW UK group gathered in October 2010 at the London School of Economics to plan the upcoming year’s events. In five regional sub-groups students groups individually discussed possible topics of interest and later presented their suggestions to the whole group. The most popular events got chosen by vote. Present to this kickoff event also were the SDW UK group’s tutor, Dr Tom Kirchmaier (LSE), our manager Ms. Jana Hecker (JP Morgan) and visiting from Berlin, our advisor Ms. Luise Heidenreich (sdw).

Here is an overview to the events chosen:

DateTeam / LocationTopic
03-05 Dec 2010London I / LSESecurity vs. Liberty
21-23 Jan 2011North England & Scotland / EdinburghIslam in the UK - Succesfully Integrated?
25-27 Feb 2011Cambridge / CambridgeFinancial Crisis: Background, Products and Dynamics
11-13 Mar 2011London II / LondonUrban Planning and Gentrification
06-08 May 2011Oxford / OxfordPopulation

The first event on the list already successfully took place in London’s Regents College, LSE and the Imperial War Museum and a short Impression along with a few pictures can be found here.