November 2009: Football (London)

Football as Business, Sport and Culture

The seminar “Football as Business, Sport and Culture” took place between the 27th and 29th of November. It focused on the various aspects of the popular sport. Topics that were discussed included football as a brand, football and integration — How are new players integrated? How does a group of people from different cultures become a team? –, and football as a national phenomenon. We are thankful to the following speakers who kindly agreed to discuss these aspects with us.

  • Simon Briggs – journalist of the Daily Telegraph and author of the book “Don’t Mention the Score: A Masochist’s History of England’s Football Team”, talking about the “Anglo-German relationship in football”
  • Moritz Volz – football player of the FC Fulham / Ipswich Town, interviewed by Derek Dryson
  • Chris Horrie – journalist and author of multiple books about football (e.g. “Premiership: The Uncut History of the FA Premier League”)
  • Dr. Finola Kerrigan – lecturer of marketing of the Department of Management at King’s College London, talking about “Branding and image in the world of football”

In addition to discussing football with this exceptional group of speakers, we staged an sdw UK foosball tournament and visited the Wembley Stadium. Pictures of the latter are shown below.